• Each year we support the Special Olympics by providing over 400 lunches.
  • Teacher Recognition’s for the outstanding teachers from Gateway Unified School District
  • Scholarship Fund – We are currently building an endowment that will eventually fund our scholarship through interest generated. Win River Resort and Casino has contributed substantially to our fund.  We are currently set up to award two (four-year, $5,000 scholarships) per year and we have extended that to also be flexible enough to award two-year scholarships for vocational training, such as nursing.
  • Interact Club – We sponsor an Interact Club at Central Valley High School and will sponsor another at Mt. Lakes High School.
  • Student Recognition – Quarterly student recognition for the outstanding accomplishments as awarded by their teachers and principal. They are brought to a meeting with their parents and praised and awarded a jacket and a gift certificate
  • Camp Venture – We sponsor a number of students for the annual Camp Venture and Camp Royal Programs.
  • Supporting the YMCA swim lessons program.


  • Rotoplast – We collected from each member a quarterly amount and sponsored our own team to repair cleft pallets in a third-world country.
  • Polio Plus Campaign – We continually contribute towards the eradication of the Polio Disease around the world.
  • Advanced Medical Equipment to a hospital in Mexico.