• Each year we support the Special Olympics by providing over 400 lunches.
  • Teacher Recognition’s for the outstanding teachers from Gateway Unified School District
  • Scholarship Fund – We are currently building an endowment that will eventually fund our scholarship through interest generated. Win River Resort and Casino has contributed substantially to our fund.¬† We are currently set up to award two (four-year, $5,000 scholarships) per year and we have extended that to also be flexible enough to award two-year scholarships for vocational training, such as nursing.
  • Interact Club – We sponsor an Interact Club at Central Valley High School and will sponsor another at Mt. Lakes High School.
  • Student Recognition – Quarterly student recognition for the outstanding accomplishments as awarded by their teachers and principal. They are brought to a meeting with their parents and praised and awarded a jacket and a gift certificate
  • Camp Venture – We sponsor a number of students for the annual Camp Venture and Camp Royal Programs.
  • Supporting the YMCA swim lessons program.


  • Rotoplast – We collected from each member a quarterly amount and sponsored our own team to repair cleft pallets in a third-world country.
  • Polio Plus Campaign – We continually contribute towards¬†the eradication of the Polio Disease around the world.
  • Advanced Medical Equipment to a hospital in Mexico.